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As we all know Allianz is one of biggest finance community in the world that provides financial protection to many people. Indonesia is a fast growing economy and for many years Allianz helps shape and protect our community.

As a blogger and freelancer i often describe my work life like a tidal wave...sometimes you got a lot of jobs to do and sometimes you don't. couple years ago i decided to invest my saving and trust Allianz to help me manage those money. at least i know i still have a backup plan if something bad occur. No one ever doubt how reliable Allianz is, include me and my family who trust Allianz to protect our properties and health. But i think many young people out there still blind about this.

Like Boris said on the video below.. Many indonesian still careless about their lives. So sad to see how they easily put theirselves in danger..and without protection...

This post has been sponsored by Allianz, but all the thought is my own

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