SPONSORED VIDEO: brand new AJ rafael with LACOSTE L!VE

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AJ Rafael is a rising american filipino musician. He got the fresh and "brand new" look that offers a new prrspective on american pop culture. In this behind the scene video, he shared the concept and the messages behind his new music video. Beautiful Jenn Im got the chance to interview him up close and personal.

With a LA party scene AS the background, AJ said the main idea of his "brand new" MV is he brave to dare himself to trying something new eventho it was not reflect himself but trying those new things with confident. He said, when he sprayed lacoste live! It brings back who he is but with a new confidence and new perspective

Jenn Im also give a few explanation about what they wore on set.. Monochromatic and pop of colors are two main theme for their outfit.

Talk about a new perspective with LACOSTE L!VE..This new fragrance from LACOSTE L!VE embodies an irrepressible energy. The energy to push boundaries, create its own path, its own style.
LACOSTE L!VE blends edgy style and authenticity. It attracts creative spirits, providing them with new possibilities to dress in a unique way. The addition of a fragrance to the LACOSTE L!VE universe was a natural step, but it had to embody the same creativity and uniqueness. The fragrance will make help you to see beyond the obvious. New Fragrance. New perspective.
“The new LACOSTE L!VE fragrance is a whole new chapter for LACOSTE fragrances. The unique design, concept and holistic campaign appeal to a more urban consumer seeking authenticity and creativity. That's why creativity is at the heart of the new LACOSTE L!VE fragrance; from the way LACOSTE and P&G Prestige have collaboratively developed the flacon, the juice and the innovative global campaign.” Antoine Delgrange, Global Marketing Director P&G Prestige. 
This post has been sponsored by Lacoste, but all the thought is our own

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