my great romance with Belsbee

11:32 AM

Last week i just did a photo session for my blog landing page. Since i want to make it lil bit like a fairytale so i decided to wear a gown. But buying a gown just for a single photo session is a lil bit too much for me (i prefer to save my money rather than to spend it for a trivial thing like a piece of expensive designer dress just for a single photo session)

So, i googled some online gown/dress rentals based in jakarta, found so many gown rental out there but most of them don't have specific designers' collection. After looking for a while i found this online dress/gown rental that provide many top-notch local designers' collection such as sebastian gunawan, cindytandiyah, patrick owen, and many more. The interesting part is they got a wide selection of dresses to choose, you can search the dress based on the purpose and even for specific ocassion like graduation and pre-wedding. Oh i almost forget to tell you the name of this online designers' gown/dress rental, "her" name is Belsbee ;) kinda cute right?! is an online "rent-a luxurious designer dress" best known for their wide range of gowns and dresses made by Indonesian designers. Not to mention their great service and affordable rental fee. You can rent a very chic dress for any occasion started from 199k rupiah (which, imo is a really good deal for renting such a beautiful dress).....hassle free at, all you need to do is wait for the dress to come.

Below is "great romance" gown by cindytandiyah, rent them for 3 consecutive days and cost me less than 1,5 million. 

Want to rent but don't know how it works????
 Just follow 3 simple steps : 

1. Search dress/gown/kebaya using the search box in the main homepage
2. Reserve your desired dress/gown/kebaya. Fyi, Belsbee provides two delivery and return options: by private courier (their courier will drop the dress to your place) or you can pick the dress at Belsbee Warehouse if you want to
3. Return the rented dress to Belsbee Warehouse (by their courier or drop it by yourself)

as simple as that!
Check out Belsbee-Online Fashion Rental's official website for further inquiries or simply visit Belsbee Facebook and Instagram Account

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  1. the gown is soo gorgeous!! and you're so beautiful on it! it fit on you perfectly!
    Love it!!

  2. You look so beautiful here <3 and thanks for sharing that website, maybe it will help me to rent a gown with affordable rental fee.

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