PRODUCT REVIEW: ColdPress Indonesia

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Most of people think drink fruit/veggies is much easier than eat fruit/veggies. Well, Consuming fruit and veggie juice maybe already be the essential part of our healthy lifestyle, but not everyone knows that the juices we consume everyday maybe already lose their main nutrition along the juicing process. I bet most of you guys use a conventional (centrifugal type), this type of juicer generates heat from its metal blade which destroys enzymes in the fruits and veggies when you juicing them and that makes your juice lost its nutrients. On contrast when we process our fruits and veggies using a cold-press juicer all those nutrients still intact even after they become juice.

As a health-conscious person i fully-aware that most of food i consume everyday is not really healthy, most of F&B contains high cholesterol, high fat and high sugar. I learned that there's a simple and healthy way to remove and sweep all the bad toxic on my body by just doing a simple detox method.

So, last tuesday i decided to join coldpress indonesia 3-days cold press detox program cos i think the toxic level in my body already above the normal phase, most of the time i suffer from migraines, muscle pains and even insomnia. Some of my friends recommend me to take coldpressid coldpressdetox program and most of them give a 5-star review for this program.

3 days coldpress detox program consist of 18 size 550ml bottles (6 bottles/day) and there are 6 different juices to replace our meals.

1. Green boost : spinach,kale,cucumber, romaine, lettuce, celery, lemon, mexican turnip, apple
2. Roots exotic: beetroot, carrot, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger
3. Nutty nuts: cashew, almond, walnuy, chia seeds
4.refresh: watermelon, pineaple, mint
5. Hawaiian breeze: apple, naval orange, lemon, starfruit, cucumber
6. Citrus burst: grapefruit, cucumber, starfruit, mint, pear, apple

I quite like the phase of their detox, They started with the hard to consume ingredients and ended with the lighter and sweeter ingredients. I was so surprise that the taste of all their juice are much nicer than i thought it would be. after i taste it for couple times..i found those juices are easy to consume..i feel it after i passed the 2nd day.

3-day detox result also beyond my expectation. no migraines, no muscle pains and i can sleep safe and sound without any problem occur. My skin complexion also looking better than before, even i lose 2 kgs in 3 days. Whattttt i just start to drink healthy with tons of the bonuses inside kkk.
No doubt, this program really works for me and i might doing another detox program next time with coldpress indonesia

I also subscribe to their juice subscription so at least i could maintain my healthy juice intake. Don't worry since they're not using any harmful ingredients, no preservatives, additives, colourings, sugar or even water (for fruit and veggie based, except nuts based)

Btw i also got a good news for you...stand a chance tonget a free festival ticket to katy perry's prism concert on 9th may 2015 from coldpress indonesia..want to know how? Follow @coldpressid on instagram now or simply visit their website

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