PRODUCT REVIEW: KIWI Shoe Passion gel shoe cushion

12:52 AM

Been using KIWI Shoe Passion for about a week now and i must say this gel-type shoe cushion is probably one of the best shoe cushions that i've ever had in my entire life. For someone who wear heels almost everyday shoe cushions are your best buddy to eliminates the pain when wearing your favorite heels. 

The good things about this product is not only prevents burning and foot pain 
its also comfy to be wear all day and all night...oh well i need to keep prise this product because they're re-usable & hand washable and the most importantly they're visually  invisible (most of the shoe cushions that i've ever tried is visually visible and everyone just started to staring at your feet.

maybe not all of you know about Air cushion technology on KIWI SHOE PASSION. This cushions uses unique air channels to prevent pressure in the heels of your feet, providing ultimate cushioning for all day and night comfort. Kiwi heel gel cushions gives your feet: Extra relief where you need it most and long-lasting comfort. More cushioning in a slim format. 

fyi, for those who already have KIWI SHOE PASSION you can join KIWI SHOEFIE CONTEST phase 2 here ! you might be the one who win the grand prize - brand new samsung galaxy A, more you post your Shoefie with #ShoefieKiwiKLN the more you get the chance to win.

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