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sometimes .. i feel too tired being a fashion blogger, should keep my style characteristic that i brought from the beginning when i decided to get involved with this fashion sea, need to maintain my body weight. try to create my very own style and keep searching what kind of clothes that suit me well but still can share my very own fashion experiment to the readers.

sometimes .. i feel too worry, can i ? could i?

sometimes .. i wanna cry, i wanna scream out loud.

dear reader, thanks for your comments, your lovely compliments
i love this fashion sea, can we thru this together??

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  1. hey, i am not your follower (by google account), but i like to check your blog regularly.
    you are my friends inspiration in fashion (she is in the room besides mine :))
    i do love fashion, just like you
    and i do sometimes bored with it
    my advice (if i am allow to give it) is it is ok just being dissapear from fashion and blog for a time. use non-fashionable thingy, go out with simple and comfort thingy.
    nicole richie likes to do it :)
    do it till u miss fashion so much :)

    is it a help ?

    fighting dear :)

  2. yeah sometimes we feel bored with something on us, even we don't like what we are now. But you know, it tells us to stop for awhile, to take a breathe then rearrange our life.
    Everybody will agree that you are wonderful. you have a very nice style and we love you.
    Don't give up! I know you can do that!

  3. hi girl.. yeah, sometimes we can get tired even of something we love doing it..
    even lovers need a holiday, right?
    it's not a sin to just relax and take it easy for awhile.. and it's ok to sometimes feel gloomy as well, like making this post.. ;)

  4. try to take it (blogging) easy, don't push yourself too hard, make a post when you really want not because you have to, it's different. i hope you understand what i mean dek :)

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  6. Hi Dear,
    I barely know you. Nice to know you.
    couldn't agree more with all comments :)

    Fashion blogging should be fun. It shouldn't force you to be perfect every time just because you're a fashion blogger.
    IMO, people loves you not because of what you wear and how sexy your body is ;) It's because of what you are.
    So it's OK to be just you. It's OK to have a break.
    You'll make it through.

    Will have a look at your DE.CADA.DIA TRANS.PARENT S/S2010 ;)

  7. dearest all, thanks for the suggests. means a lot for me. i think i need to take a break, wearing simple outfits, basic tops and relaxing pants. time will heal my mind

  8. it doesn't matter if you're sometimes feel confused but keep going and keep fashion your style. You can creat and mix all of the new brand cloth and just look at the final. You'll look great. Fashion is such as cooking. You can mix it like your heart saying to you :)

  9. hi!! =)
    i drop on ur blog fr quite a while already.
    Take it easy girl, fashion blogging shud be fun. Just follow where the mood brings you...

    tk care!

  10. im totally agree with nina grata ! ! ! do it as a thing u enjoy, not as an obligation...when u do it in ur own way, n u still get to be u, u'll find it relaxing rather than frustating :)

    btw, i'm ur follower and i think ur doin a great job already :)

    Ario Achda from <--- promosi. haha

  11. pudoo..being a fashion blogger, doesn't mean you have to look perfect all the time..just be you and wear anything you like and you feel comfortable with :) not wear something just to muse people..

    and this is your are the one who can decide when you want to post and what you want to post..there's nobody who can push to post..just write it your heart dear :)

    If you need a break, then just take it..I'm sure the readers and followers will wait :)

    cheer up girl!!

  12. Me totally agree with Nina and Fika,Puut!! ;)

  13. it's humane :)
    take a break and we're still be waiting


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