from frizzy to shiny

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this article is a review of hair treatment product from
l'oreal paris, the hair expert

i've changed shampoos and hair care products several times before, from the cheap ones to the expensive ones. but the results never really lasted, moreover if the product doesn't suit my scalp, i had allergies and dandruffs.

last couple months i've used anti-dandruffs shampoo without any conditioner, i used that product because a lot of people recommended the product, but guess hair getting frizzier and hair loss damage more and more worse than before also couldn't be easily to manage.
plus..everyday when i went out, off to campus i had to tied my hair and the hot weather and when the sun was right above my head, made my hair all sweaty and so greasy.
due to that misfortunes, i had to wash my hair everyday. because i rinse my hair too often, causes a lot of damages to my hair. btw, i'm also not the type of girl who does hair treatments a lot. cause i don't really have much time and sufficient funds

-before the application
you could see how frizzy and messy my hair is

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

weeks ago, ms. linda from l'oreal indonesia recommend me one of l'oreal paris hair treatment product, l'oreal elseve shampoo and conditioner re-nutrition with royal jelly for dry or dried out hair, someone once recommended me this elseve product, but i wasn't really interested. beside it was expensive and it seemed the product was quite rare too. but after using this product for 3 days, my dry frizzy hair became less frizzier and not easily damped. i think in the long terms, this product could be an investment for my hair ( it could be yours too ) . although in the beginning i wasn't really convinced, but the more i use it, i started to feel the effects and i started to believe in this elseve product.

- after 3 days using elseve shampoo and conditioner
now my hair feels replenished and revitalised, more shiny, more soft and more volumized than before. (I deliberately use the black and white photographs, so readers can see the effects and results after i use elseve shampoo and conditioner)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

how lucky i am, now elseve has launched a more affordable series of elseve products. as a college student, of course this is very beneficial for me. when else you could have a world class hair treatment with an affordable price? idr 19.900 for the shampoo and idr 22.000 for the conditioner

thank you elseve for bringing up such an excellent hair problems solution especially towards indonesian women hair problems.

now we all know.. l'oreal paris, the hair expert . world class hair care now is in your hand

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  1. I love your hair :-)when you cut your hair?

  2. Hello Putri.. still remember me? we met at the gathering with Jamal Hamadi.. :)
    You look soo beautiful in the "after" pictures!
    Btw, I got the ones in orange from L'Oreal.. It's nice to have the ones that actually perfect for our hair.. :)

  3. Like it!!
    O, I've posted about Back To Childhood and Sweetie Sticker zone

    Wanna exchangelink? Mail :

    Ice Creamy World
    Twitter : caramel_manda

  4. wow your hair look amazing after using Loreal product and you look so beautiful :)

  5. u look gorgeous...
    check mine

  6. good luck dedek :D

  7. whoaa your hair looks thick! i love thick & long hair, its beautiful! :)

  8. hey pudo! I like your hair! (the messy one!) hahaha!

  9. I think I should really try using that royal jelly l'oreal shampoo+conditioner, dear.. It works nicely on you.. I'm using the red one (for colored hair) now but I think that white one would do me better.. Thanks for sharing.

    The Picnic Girl


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