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You might already familiar with this name, Johnnie Walker. Yes, we talk about one of the well-known Scotch whisky brand in the world since the 19th century.
originated in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. nowdays, more than 4 bottles of Johnnie Walker are consumed every second, and more than 120 million bottles are sold every year in more than 200 countries. there are many different labels from the Johnnie walker family, and each of them represent the blend.

Well, I’m not an alcoholic lover and never try to be one but I have few friends who love this blended scotch whisky and always bring one of it back home while they on travelling. In their opinions, what makes Johnnie Walker’s Scotch whisky become one of the best-selling product because they have strong and complex flavors and what makes it different from other alcoholic label is because they stick on the art and the heritage of blending whisky but still keep the price reasonable.
I think johnnie walker’s blended scotch whisky share the same word with fashion when it comes to blending a.k.a mix and matching. Just like fashion that comes from mix and matching clothes, johnnie walker also try to take the “blend” heritage to the higher level..not only level up their product but also level up the social environment (for example : you can see johnnie walker’s logo in every big event). Just like the video that I posted above, johnnie walker once again prove their existence in our world as a famous scotch whisky brand.
this is a sponsored post but opinions are my own

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