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Snatched a new denim pinafore at stradivarius and cost me only IDR 160k (best buy of the month!). Make a new combo with my old oversized sheer shirt and a touch of chunky pastel necklace. I like this denim pinafore and slowly thinking that the white one i wore with polka-dot shirt in previous post is totally major sucks.

What i wore:
Zara short jacquard cardigan/ stradivarius denim pinafore/ cottonink sheer shirt/ IIIBeCa @urban icon classic white satchel/ F21 chunky pastel necklace/ happyhoppy wedge sandals

Lemme ask, who doesn't like classic versatile bag? Anyone who doesn't like it must be have a bad relationship with any kind of bag.. Last week i managed myself to visit urban icon store at sency to see IIIBeCa's summer collection bag, omg omg sherbets colors everywhere! Fushcia, fluoro green to neon yellow, the ultimate colors of summer in front of my eyes. 
I won't think twice when it comes to classy bag and charity, never thought that shopping would be this fun ( charity while shopping! ) --- will share the detail later..keep reading,yes??
btw, do you notice me wearing make up in every single post now??? I think I've posted about my current addiction to korean skincare and make up product in my social media platform, korean make up and skincare kinda addictive! Agree?

My current addiction is LANEIGE!
LANEIGE is the first korean skincare brand to introduce a new invention in make up product sphere.. I'm talking about the one and only, the infamous and notorious LANEIGE BB SOOTHING CUSHION SPF 50+ PA+++ ( i have introduced this product on my previous post along with white plus renew line )
As i said earlier on my previous post, this product is first compact bb cream with multiple functions, including whitening + sunscreen + sweatproof + soothing + make up. this product is so unique because the 3 degrees mineral water inside the bb cushion for the soothing-cooling effect to our skin, SPF 50+ PA+++ will gives you the best protection towards UVA and UVB lights, and WHITE PLUS RENEW COMPLEX inside the BB will soothes dead skin cell for clearer and brighter skin complexion, also 800.000 pores inside the cushion that will break up the bb cream into small particles. not to mention the customized puff made from rubycell and polyurethane, 9 times powerful to absorb the moisture than the ordinary puff will maximizing the soothing and cooling effect when we apply the bb cushion in our face.

this product makes my skin looks so supple, moist and healthy in less than 2 minutes, need to say the real goodbye to dark spots and dull skin.
I also slightly apply this bb cushion to my lips for retaining the moisture in my lips (this trick will helps the lipstick color last longer in our lips).

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  1. ciye yang sekarang jago dandan =D aku sempet coba outerwear ini jugak >.<

  2. omg i got the same zara outer! anyway great review for laneiged!

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